Here is the thesis that I wrote about Immersion and User Experience during my Master's degree.



Ruler is a side project designed with Charles Perinet. This experimentation is born from the need to draw neat wireframes in our sketchbooks. We included the maximum of devices sizes and ratio in a notebook sized object.

Virtual Reality


Whisper is born from the meeting between designers (including me) and engineers during my double diploma. The subject was to create a VR experience/game in which the user will embody somebody or something we can not be in everyday life. We had a hardware obligation : using the Fove headset that uses eye tracking.

Virtual Reality


We had to make an VR experience to showcase our school for the Laval Virtual 2017, a world-renowned VR event in France. We did an underwater abstract experience with hand interaction and sound using an Oculus DK2 and a Leap Motion.

Data Visualization


For the second year, my school (EDNA) and Audencia SciencesCom made a partnership to create data visualization using metaphor through photographs. The subject of this year was to communicate about the Loire-Atlantique (French department) using their data. We made two posters by team in order to print a magazine.

Augmented Reality


We made LEXI during a tangible interface workshop in our Design school. Its purpose is to improve communication/interaction between communication agency teams and customers through a connected object.



I made IconBank to have a place where I can put and organize icons that I did through my projects.


i-BP 2015

I participated to the Banque Populaire Hackathon #2 in 2015 in Paris. The Banque Populaire is an important french Bank. They bought a lot of tablets and needed us to create innovative service for them. The subject was “the tablet device in the service of the effectiveness of the advisor”.



Ici is a concept of service that allows users to easily and quickly find a coffee with wifi and/or outlet access around you. This project takes place in the coworking evolution and the city of tomorrow. It benefits to both the users and the storekeepers.