Augmented Reality


June 10, 2016


Elisa Lecomte
Adrien Mascuñan


We made LEXI during a tangible interface workshop in our Design school. Its purpose is to improve communication/interaction between communication agency teams and customers through a connected object.


The cards we did.

In communication agencies you usually make wireframes on your own screen and then you have to wait for the client feedback. It is not convenient to work besides the client on the same laptop screen. LEXI allows people to work together around a table using cards as website blocks (text, image, etc.).

The computer connected to LEXI.

UX Card or wireframes on paper are good to work with a client but saving what you did is pretty long : you take a picture and then you have to do wireframes again on your computer. The idea behind LEXI is to build directly on your computer screen the wireframes that you are doing on the table.

The wireframes on the desktop.

To create LEXI we did an AR prototype using Unity and Vuforia which is recognizing the cards on the table through a webcam. This camera is able to read the cards because of the tag behing each of them and the glass plate. You can save your wireframes directly in the desktop app.

Maker Faire Nantes 2016.

This project was showcased at the 2016 Maker Faire in Nantes, an event around arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-It-Yourself mindset. This was the opportunity to exchange with people and have feedback about our work.