October 17, 2016


Charles Perinet


Ruler is a side project designed with Charles Perinet. This experimentation is born from the need to draw neat wireframes in our sketchbooks. We included the maximum of devices sizes and ratio in a notebook sized object.


Ruler in use.

We draw a SVG shape using Adobe Illustrator and then we used laser cutting to create a few copies of Ruller. The first version of Ruler is made of wood.

The SVG shape.

The project is still in R&D, we planed to try different materials such as plastics or metal. The current thickness of the wood is too high so the nib of the pencils can not easily fit in the slits of Ruler.

Ruler on a desk.

Ruler is really useful to draw clean wireframes and fits perfectly into our sketchbooks (smaller than A5 paper format). We really made this tool as we wanted to use it.

A video of Ruler.

This project made me work on Industrial Design, which is not usually my job but it was really exciting to create our own object and to discover how works laser cutting.