Virtual Reality


October 17, 2017


Charles Perinet
Emma Morin
Charles Bihina
Valérian Faure
Mohamed Benallal


Whisper is born from the meeting between designers (including me) and engineers during my double diploma. The subject was to create a VR experience/game in which the user will embody somebody or something we can not be in everyday life. We had a hardware obligation : using the Fove headset that uses eye tracking.


An overview of Whisper.

The team was really rich of skills because of our different backgrounds. As a UX Designer I paid a lot of attention to the storytelling. Fove uses eye tracking which means that we can detect if our eyes are closed or not. We decided to use that to create an experience based on memories through a visual world when your eyes are opened and a sound world when they are closed.

The game menu.

Whisper is the story of Peter, a very sensitive little boy. The experience was made in three levels. The first one is his bedroom in which you can hear memories/voices when you close your eyes while staring at the highlighted objects. During the second level the bedroom is evolving a little bit and you start to understand what is going on. During the last level you understand that you are in an hospital and that the memories were the voices of Peter’s family members.

Peter’s bedroom.

Our storytelling is based on people who were in a coma. Whisper seems sad in the first place but the message behind it is that you realize the value of being alive. People in a coma usually say that they enjoyed life like never before since they were coming back.