i-BP 2015

December 15, 2015


I participated to the Banque Populaire Hackathon #2 in 2015 in Paris. The Banque Populaire is an important french Bank. They bought a lot of tablets and needed us to create innovative service for them. The subject was “the tablet device in the service of the effectiveness of the advisor”.


My team (focused).

Each team was composed with an “idea bearer”, five developers and a designer. I had to manage the UX and UI design in my team. It was really hard at the beginning to make my idea bearer understand that design is not just making beautiful things but it is most importantly thinking about users and their needs to create the perfect service architecture.

Piaf, the app we made.

We created Piaf, a service about the loan for the store owners. The advisor uses the app to help those storekeepers to chose the perfect place for their store using a map with the catchment areas. A good spot means a good income, which means a more secured loan. During the process, my team totally understood what design really was about.

A video of the event.

By the end of the 48 hours hackathon we presented our project in front of bank directors from all over France and other employees from the Banque Populaire. My team won both the Jury and the Public awards which made us really confident about what me created to answer the user needs.